At Lee Bros. Joinery we can develop a design from the vaguest and most basic of ideas, providing concepts and specifications as well as recommending materials and colours. At Lee Bros. Joinery we encourage our clients to contribute towards the design process as much as they feel comfortable and are always willing to work with and expand their ideas.

Designing a new kitchen is a process.

Firstly it’s important that we find out a little about you. We need to know what you expect and want from a kitchen. Have you got pets that spend time inside? Are you left or right handed? Do you like to entertain and if so for how many guests? Do you have young children or teenagers? How often do you use your microwave and for what?

Once you have commissioned a design from Lee Bros. Joinery we will give you a questionnaire to fill out so that we have the information we require.

Next we will have one of our kitchen designers contact you to arrange a consultation at your home or to meet and review your new home drawings.

Once we have completed the design work we will meet with you again and present specifications: 2 dimensional drawings as well as 3d images, and of course a quotation for the production and installation of your new kitchen.